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Accommodation type


We offer 2 types of Accommodation. A Swiss style Mountain Millerd Cottage ideal for a Romantic break in the Mountains, and Millerd Main Lodge, the original farmhouse which has been renovated and has 5 spacious bedrooms.



The Avoca valley is one of the most picturesque valleys in the district. Nestled below the majestic Avoca Peak lie the tranquil Millerd Mountain accommodation.


Avoca peak forms a daunting challenge for the keen hiker whilst numerous other strolls/walks are available to those who want to take it easy. Mountain biking is a favorite past time of many visitors to the area and the tracks and roads on the farm and in the valley will allow you to challenge yourself at high altitude.

You, alone, have access to this pristine valley where you are able to walk, cycle, fish, relax, swim and generally lose yourself in the beauty of the oldest farm in the district. For those interested in fishing, you have sole right to 12 km of private fishing, and can add to your day by swimming in the numerous river pools and Waterfalls that form part of the river.

Embrace Nature like Never Before
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